Monday, July 26, 2010

Keepin' It Real

So I went to the Skate Church in West Seattle with the high school group at my church and I had the best time ever. I walk into the church, room, area they use and the first thing I notice is the cross they have.
It's made completely out of broken skateboards.

Thats pretty legit right? I think so. They has some cool paintings up that one of the youth had done too. The people there, are so on fire, they are so real, and they're just NOT afraid to be who they are. So we go to this church planning to completely take over the plans, service, everything. And we do. We came in and set up for the food give away, the service, everything.

The guys did worship and I was thinking these people weren't going to know any of the songs, they would be scared, wouldn't sing. But no. They sang out as loud and as powerful as they could. Not to mention the age rang that was at Skate Church was awesome too. People came that were anywhere from 10 to 60. Literally. It was just an awesome experience to see that many people that love god, just singing out as loud as they could.

Oh! and we were supposed to be welcoming people, as in my church was doing the outreach to the people that came, but it was the other way around. The youth and the leaders were totally welcoming and they just treated us like family. It was amazing.

I'm going back.

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