Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer Sun

So here's the deal. I went to eastern Washington for almost 2 weeks straight. The first week I was a camper at the camp, the next week I was a cabin leader.
It was hot, I had 8 jr high girls all calling me "Mini-Mommy," and there was of course drama.
But I LOVED it.
One day, there was an all camp game and all the kids got numbered off, and had a balloon tied to each ankle. Each time their number was called, they had to go and stomp eachother's balloons. They looked REALLY rediculous. Imagine running and doing high-kick lunges at the same time.

awesome right?
The next best thing that I liked from camp, was watching the kids worship God. All they're voices raised high, singing to the one they know loves them best was amazing. They had some fun songs too that the kids got to dance to.
When the kids were worshiping, it just made me smile. The childlike faith that they have, is always an example to me, to believe the same way.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Keepin' It Real

So I went to the Skate Church in West Seattle with the high school group at my church and I had the best time ever. I walk into the church, room, area they use and the first thing I notice is the cross they have.
It's made completely out of broken skateboards.

Thats pretty legit right? I think so. They has some cool paintings up that one of the youth had done too. The people there, are so on fire, they are so real, and they're just NOT afraid to be who they are. So we go to this church planning to completely take over the plans, service, everything. And we do. We came in and set up for the food give away, the service, everything.

The guys did worship and I was thinking these people weren't going to know any of the songs, they would be scared, wouldn't sing. But no. They sang out as loud and as powerful as they could. Not to mention the age rang that was at Skate Church was awesome too. People came that were anywhere from 10 to 60. Literally. It was just an awesome experience to see that many people that love god, just singing out as loud as they could.

Oh! and we were supposed to be welcoming people, as in my church was doing the outreach to the people that came, but it was the other way around. The youth and the leaders were totally welcoming and they just treated us like family. It was amazing.

I'm going back.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Evening Adventure

My mom and I took a walk today because the weather was uber nice, and there were some pretty interesting things along the way. We left our house and found out that there were quite a few people around out neighborhood that like to have gardens.

we saw some pretty baby roses
a plant that looked something like a blue and green spider web
a plant that looked like it had it's tongue sticking out
The last cool thing we saw was a kitty's paw print in the sidewalk. Thankfully the kitten didn't get stuck. :]
The walk was truly an adventure. No matter how many time's I've walked that way before, I saw things I had never noticed before. It was really interesting. You guys should try and make an adventure out of something ordinary. You might find some cool things.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Classics

Even though I may be young, I still enjoy the classics. Like my dad's old, beat up, Ford pick up. He uses it only when he needs to and he's kept it running since he got it. Don't try to ask me what year it is, because I have NO clue. I just know its old. But as much as I complain about how many spiders might be hiding in the cracks, and how the radio only picks up talk shows, and how it smells like gas sometimes, I still love it. I love taking pictures of antique things. Like the dashboard of my dad's truck. There's something about classics that give off a really cool vibe. Like they have a story to tell. They went through something that is a mystery to everyone but themselves.

Its all about me!

As of now, this blog is mainly experimental. But as time goes on, I hope to have made updating this a habit. My name is Deanna and I am currently in the process of doing my senior project. This blog will house all of the pictures I take from now on of objects from around my hometown. To start this on a good note, here is a picture of one of my favorite things. SUNSETS! :] Sunsets are one of those things that you can only capture in a memory. The best cameras truly can't do justice to how beautiful these really are. This picture was taken outside my mom's old office and it is my favorite out of all the ones I have.

Enjoy the rest of my blog and leave comments as you please :]
Thanks. -Dnanners