Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer Sun

So here's the deal. I went to eastern Washington for almost 2 weeks straight. The first week I was a camper at the camp, the next week I was a cabin leader.
It was hot, I had 8 jr high girls all calling me "Mini-Mommy," and there was of course drama.
But I LOVED it.
One day, there was an all camp game and all the kids got numbered off, and had a balloon tied to each ankle. Each time their number was called, they had to go and stomp eachother's balloons. They looked REALLY rediculous. Imagine running and doing high-kick lunges at the same time.

awesome right?
The next best thing that I liked from camp, was watching the kids worship God. All they're voices raised high, singing to the one they know loves them best was amazing. They had some fun songs too that the kids got to dance to.
When the kids were worshiping, it just made me smile. The childlike faith that they have, is always an example to me, to believe the same way.

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